Welcome to our updated Online Banking. You will notice a change in the Log-in box where you now enter your Access ID AND Password on the same page. We also have a new look inside! If you have any questions give us a call at 936-327-1234 or 800-324-9279.
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Commercial Loans

Whether you want to finance a new construction project, need an operating line of credit for your business, purchase inventory or for countless other reasons, we can help.  

  • Commercial Real Estate Loans
  • Vehicles, Trucks, Trailers
  • New Construction
  • Equipment and Machinery Loans
  • Purchase of land and/or buildings
  • Lines of Credit  
  • Inventory Loans Working Capital
  • Account Receivable Loans

Visit one of our convenient locations or call us today for more information:

936-327-1234 or 800-324-9279.

Loan Officer Contact Information

Name Phone      Email    MLO#
Alex Garcia (936) 327-1234 agarcia@fnblivingston.com 586874
Bill Wiggins (936) 327-1234 bswiggins@fnblivingston.com 586872
Cindy Snook (936) 327-1234 csnook@fnblivingston.com 586876
John Allen Slocomb (936) 327-1234 jaslocomb@fnblivingston.com 641028
Pobla Gallier (936) 327-1234 pgallier@fnblivingston.com 586875
Sam Handley (936) 327-1234 shandley@fnblivingston.com 1219145


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